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When will the first films be available on Cinessance?

We are actively working towards a launch in the fourth quarter of the year in 2021.

What type of movies are you going to offer?

We will offer the whole spectrum of French cinema. French cinema is rich and diverse. From independent movies, movies of genres, thriller, drama, animated movies and the very popular comedies : all those genres illustrates the richness of French cinema and we intend to promote it without "discriminating" any genres.

Can I suggest a list of films for you?

Of course! We love to hear your suggestions. Simply write to us at to share your favorite movies. We will do our best to make them available on our platform. We are also interested in knowing more about your viewing habits and preferences in order to provide you with the best possible service. Feel free to fill out our quick questionnaire here

Are you planning to make TV series available on Cinessance?

Of course. We want to focus first on French cinema and then we will offer a wider variety containing series and documentaries.

Are you considering any cinema other than French cinema?

Cinessance is first and foremost the platform for French cinema accessible around the World, but depending on our users' preferences, we may open our platform to other international cinemas in addition to French cinema.

What does the name Cinessance mean?

In the same way that the Renaissance is a pivotal period in our history associated with the rediscovery of the literature, philosophy, sciences and arts of Antiquity, we seek to sublimate French heritage through its cinema. We seek to create a renaissance of French cinema internationally, a Cinessance.